The International Science and Technology Center (ISTC)

    Why our Center?

        "Science is arranged (systematized) knowledge. Science describes the processes and laws that take place in the environment (nature, man, society). In turn, technology is a set of methods and tools to achieve the desired result. In a broader sense, technology is the application of specific knowledge (science) to solve practical tasks. Technologies include work methods, work mode, sequence of actions. Everyone uses them on a daily basis, even if they are not aware of it at first glance, so knowledge of science and technology is our daily helper. Science and technology make our daily lives much easier, teach us to use energy, both our own, society's and nature's. Science and technology are the basis of art. "/ Aivars Lasmanis, Doctor of Pedagogy/


      Where to use it next?

         Almost every learner now and then  clings to the idea that it is not worth learning a particular subject, which may not be very successful, because it will not really be useful anywhere in life. In fact, there are no subjects that you will not be able to use in the future. The knowledge we provide will be useful in both professional and everyday life!

                                            Who we are now

                                            The International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) implements interest and non-formal education programs aimed at:
                                            1. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)
                                            2. Medical knowledge

                                            Who we will be

                                            Our plans - to become an International Vocational Training and Continuing Education Institution "School of Science and Technology":
                                            1. In Education
                                            2. In Sciences (In natural sciences, In the humanities, In social sciences)
                                            3. In Technologies

                                            What are we doing now

                                            The educational programs of the chosen field help the learners to form:
                                            1. ability to learn and improve independently;
                                            2. motivation for lifelong learning;
                                            3. basic competencies (knowledge, skills, attitudes) for careers in engineering / technology and medicine.

                                            ISTC strategy

                                            The core of the ISTC strategy consists of 3 main tools:
                                            1. Mission (Why do we exist?). To promote the formation of a knowledge society in Latvia.
                                            2. Values ​​(What is important to us?). Development. Intelligence. Professionalism.
                                            3. Vision (Who do we want to be?). By promoting the development of the education system and using the potential of the Health Institute, to become an outstanding institution of interest education and adult non-formal education for the future of every young person in the region.

                                            ISTC strategic goals (2021-2027)

                                            Digitization. ISTC activities will focus on the modernization and improvement of technologies, centralized management of assets, staff and finances, as well as the introduction of an effective resource management model in interest and adult non-formal education.
                                            Business development. To improve the operation of ISTC and promote the growth of the new generation and strengthen the management of ISTC internal resources. ISTC activities will focus on green computing, open technologies.
                                            Management of internal and external resources. Identification, renewal and self-motivation of ISTC internal and external resources.
                                            Infrastructure development. Provide safe, accessible and market-friendly infrastructure for the growth of children and young people.


                                            The Health Institute Foundation is a non-governmental organization that has decided to establish its own student blacksmith.
                                            ISTC was established with the aim to prepare learners who , from the very beginning, would be able to fully study in programs related to engineering, technology and medicine. Therefore, ISTC currently pays special attention to mathematics, physics, chemistry, technical drawing, informatics, medicine, foreign languages. During the events, great emphasis is placed on the involvement of learners in various projects, work groups, practice, study tours are organized in various companies.
                                            Currently, ISTC is located in the Health Institute premises at Rīgas Street 22, Valka. In order to provide students with a modern learning environment, events take place at the faculties of Latvian and Estonian universities, using the most modern equipment and technologies. ISTC students have the opportunity to use the infrastructure of the Health Institute also in developing their research work.For students who do not live in Valka, the Health Institute will organize a student hotel.

                                            ISTC view from the outside


                                            ISTC workshop


                                            ISTC server space


                                            Development strategy for 2021-2027

                                            The school's development strategy intends starting work on the implementation of the strategy in 2021, gradually creating an education and innovation platform equipped with the latest open technologies, a team of highly qualified experts that provide a wide range of services to learners.
                                            The establishment of a school for the Valka region would ensure the provision of high quality educational services to students, create innovative ideas, and provide high value-added products and services for them.
                                            The strategy will be implemented in stages:
                                            1. created  content base, 
                                            2. implemented educational programs,
                                            3. trained educators, creating an interested and enthusiastic community of modern learners, who would then inhabit the infrastructure created for these functions.
                                            Tool - science fields and technologies.
                                            The establishment of such centers in Latvia has followed a certain path - the local government invests considerable funds in the construction or improvement of premises, forms a team of the center, purchases technologies, and begins to revive the direction of technological development in a particular local government. In Valka region, in turn, the establishment of such a center will be reversed - initially the enthusiasts and technology fans will gather at the existing, technology-equipped computer infrastructure, but in the future an already fully functioning institution will move to a place where gradually established  is a suitable and, importantly noted, purposeful environment and an intellectual resource.
                                            That way in 2027, the school would have access to the latest modern open technologies in the implementation of information and communication technology (ICT) education-related programs, the main target audience of which would be not only learners, but also educational institutions and general education teachers. At the same time, the School will become a place that coordinates the solution of issues related to the development of learners and the implementation of projects in the municipality, in cooperation with entrepreneurs, universities and other cooperation partners.
                                            The establishment of such a school is necessary in order to ensure equal opportunities for all learners in the Valka region to study in an appropriate environment. In addition, at the end of the school period, learners will be able to use the technologies  to carry out and implement their own private projects.
                                            The activities of the school will be based on the creation and development of values ​​for learners through research (science) and technology studies.
                                            The school will increase society's competencies (knowledge, skills, attitudes) in science and technology.